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Friday Forward Roundup

The North Carolina Forward Party presents this week's "Friday Forward Roundup" to keep you informed about state politics and local topics throughout the state.


A Comprehensive Look at the Multifaceted Impact of Dozens of New Laws
Dozens of new laws in North Carolina have come into effect, impacting various aspects of daily life. These include increased penalties for rioting or inciting rioting that causes significant harm or property damage. Another law regulates discussions about race and gender in state workplaces, prohibiting the promotion of certain concepts. Additionally, changes to gun regulations have eliminated the requirement for a permit to buy a handgun and allowed concealed carry permit holders to carry guns in places of worship with schools. Other laws address abortion restrictions, election law changes, penalties for impersonation in elections, illegal possession of equipment for making counterfeit pills, probation supervision, and protection of critical infrastructure after an attack on electric substations. The new laws also include regulations related to health care treatment of minors, various farm-related regulations, protections for law enforcement personnel, veterinary technician modifications, property owners' protection, legal procedures, juvenile justice modifications, motor vehicle dealer laws, drug offenses, preventing harm to children, protecting students, health and human services workforce, insurance law amendments, regulatory reform, and various changes to criminal and civil laws. (News & Observer)


North Carolina Democratic Party's Acknowledgment of the Jewish Caucus
The North Carolina Democratic Party officially recognized the newly formed Jewish Caucus after a previous vote had narrowly failed, drawing national attention and criticism. The party's chair, Anderson Clayton, emphasized the importance of ensuring the Jewish Caucus's official recognition, stating that the Democratic Party is committed to being a "big tent party" against hatred towards marginalized communities. The caucus president, Jeffrey Bierer, expressed gratitude for the party's strong statement condemning antisemitism and highlighted the alignment of Jewish values with Democratic Party platforms on various issues, including reproductive rights, voter suppression, global warming, gun control, opposition to Muslim bans, and support for immigration programs. (News & Observer)


Three-Judge Panel Blocks Overhaul of North Carolina State Elections Board
A three-judge panel in North Carolina unanimously blocked a new state law replacing the current Democrat-majority state elections board with a new bipartisan body. The decision comes after arguments in Wake County Superior Court, with a preliminary injunction preventing the new elections board from taking effect on January 1. The law, approved by Republican legislators, sought to create an eight-member board split evenly between Democrats and Republicans, replacing the existing board and giving appointment power over state and local boards to the General Assembly. (Carolina Journal)


Challenges Faced by Huntington's Disease Patient Ignite Debate in Guilford Over Voter ID Laws
Judith Nash, who suffers from Huntington's disease, faced questioning from the Guilford elections office about her inability to obtain a photo ID despite being well enough to vote. The letter suggested falsity on the ID exception form, leading to a 3-2 vote by the Guilford Board of Elections to send letters to certain voters and hold a hearing. Advocacy groups, monitoring the implementation of North Carolina's new photo ID law during municipal elections, noted confusion and inconsistency among local elections boards, emphasizing the need for more training and education. (NC Newsline)


Niche Researchers Rank the Top 25 Most Affordable Places to Live in North Carolina
Niche researchers conducted a comprehensive assessment of affordability in North Carolina, considering factors like food and fuel costs, as well as median tax rates. They identified the top 25 places in the state with the lowest cost of living, including locations such as White Plains, Gamewell, and South Henderson. These areas, mostly small towns and suburbs, offer relatively affordable living conditions in terms of overall expenses and relative cost of living. (CBS 17)


Disney's Asteria Community Set to Enchant Chatham Park, North Carolina
The Walt Disney Company is set to build its second residential community, Asteria, as part of the Chatham Park development in North Carolina, following the first community outside Los Angeles. The 1,500-acre Asteria community, located northeast of Pittsboro along the Haw River, will include over 4,000 residential units, featuring single- and multi-family homes, with designated sites for adults aged 55 and older. Disney's Storyliving brand aims to create a vibrant community with Disney Imagineering magic and service, offering amenities like recreation centers, restaurants, and sports courts with enrichment programming. (ABC 11)


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