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Barbara Gaskins


I'm Barbara Gaskins, and I am seeking to become Greenville's next Mayor. The role of Mayor presents a tremendous opportunity to bring about positive changes for our exquisite, historic, and diverse city of Greenville. I am prepared for this challenge, eager to roll up my sleeves, and committed to the task at hand. Our community stands at a pivotal juncture. On one path lies the familiar landscape of broken assurances, preferential treatment for the affluent, and the unfortunate neglect of those who are most vulnerable within our society. The alternative route leads to unity across our community—a path where every individual, is embraced and remembered. This is the route that allows us to create a tangible impact together, recognizing that no single entity—whether government, profit-driven endeavors, or non-profit organizations—can effectively address the extensive social issues we face. It's time to forge a trail that begins with a collective effort, working harmoniously for the greater welfare of our community. My vision encompasses meaningful reforms aimed at tackling our challenges with substance abuse and crime, ensuring accessible housing, preparing our youth for successful futures, and fostering the growth of local businesses. The present calls for innovative and progressive thinking, coupled with mechanisms for accountability. Yet, this is just the initial step in the vast array of accomplishments we can achieve as a united force. I extend an invitation to join me on this journey. Together, we possess the power to construct a brighter and improved tomorrow for both the city of Greenville and its residents.

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