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Economic Development


Economic policy is complex, and best not reduced to a platform plank. But generally speaking, Forward members embrace free market capitalism, capitalism and equality of access to the exceptional opportunity that America provides. Our members will support a range of policies with a broad goal in mind: Are we creating good American jobs, keeping competitive in the world market, and providing economic benefits to all Americans? As a results-oriented party, we’ll be especially interested in efficient regulatory frameworks, business friendly processes, and aligning costs and incentives.


Local Development

Unlike the major parties, the North Carolina Forward Party will not play into rural-urban divisive politics. All our communities are important to ensuring North Carolina as a whole is prosperous. With that being said, we also understand that each community has its own wants and needs. For instance, broadband internet access is of great interest to our rural communities whereas housing supply is of great interest to our urban communities. Accordingly, the North Carolina Forward Party will work for all North Carolinians.

Due to the fact that we are solution oriented, addressing local issues is a top priority. While the two major parties tend to be exclusively interested in abstract cultural issues, the North Carolina Forward Party seeks to examine real issues, which starts at the local level. Broadband access, transportation, roads, restoration, sewage, waste management, utilities, clean air and water, schools, hospitals, grocery and pharmaceutical stores, and other everyday topics that are of critical interest to North Carolinians need to be prioritized above cultural debates.