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Environmental Conservation


Nature is abundant and absolute in the Old North State. From the Great Smoky Mountains in the west to the Outer Banks in the east, and the rolling hills of the Piedmont in between, North Carolina is filled with natural scenery and breathtaking beauty. Pines, oaks, and maple trees carry the scent of nature across the state and our rivers flow gently throughout the land.

North Carolina has four national forests for camping, hiking, biking, or simply to get away and take it all in. The state’s mountain region contains remarkable summits placed in the Appalachian subranges. The state’s coastal line is off the Atlantic Ocean, which has multiple stunning beach sites to visit during the hot summer days.

We are a state that strives to cultivate a vibrant and healthy green, clear, and clean environment. Every North Carolinian believes we ought to be stewards over the environment, and the North Carolina Forward Party is committed to that belief.


Climate Change

Our party understands and accepts climate change as a serious challenge.  But we also understand there are serious economic costs involved that need to be carefully considered. We believe common ground is the best place to start. Starting with evidence based and cost/benefit analysis which effectively balances carbon solutions and green solutions and results in energy independence.

Our members will support policies that may include: creating a national high voltage electrical infrastructure that allows existing energy production to move to the grids that need it most; breaking the gridlock on nuclear energy and investing in Gen III and IV nuclear reactors and waste policies so that nuclear can be a safe; low carbon baseload option; investing in community resiliency to storms and climate change, especially in coastal areas; and partnering with farmers and rural communities on carbon capture.