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While no healthcare system is perfect, Americans spend far more both publicly and privately on healthcare than any other nation. Rising costs are creating worrisome roadblocks for patients receiving the crucial treatments they require. Our focus will be on finding solutions that include reducing administrative costs, streamlining regulatory requirements, implementing reforms to insurance and health systems to provide more choice, lower premiums, and lower health care costs; offering subsidies to help the most vulnerable Americans get insurance; as well as expand Medicaid and a public option where Americans can choose a Medicare plan with premiums based on their income.

We will also focus on bringing down the cost of pharmaceutical care through patient choice and patent reform that prevents companies producing lifesaving drugs like insulin from making minor formula changes and retiring generic versions from production.  Americans need results on healthcare when even a good job still leaves you one health crisis from bankruptcy.


Abortion Access

Abortion continues to be one of America’s greatest wedge issues and for decades, exploited by the two main parties for fundraising. Surprisingly, it is also an issue with wide common ground. Like most Americans, we believe individuals should have reasonable access to early term abortion.  Some of our members will embrace the old Roe standard of 26 while others only support lower limits of 12 weeks or less.  And while we do not advocate for discretionary late-term abortion, we do agree with most Americans on maintaining exceptions for rape, incest, and the health of the mother later in the term.