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The North Carolina Forward Party embraces and welcomes new Americans while still valuing border security. As a results-oriented party, our members will embrace a variety of policies including but not limited to: increased funding for border security; easier merit based immigration processes; increased personnel to review refugee and asylum cases so that vulnerable people can move from government support to productive earning; more efficient immigration processing and case handling; market based immigration limits; foreign policy to address the root cause of mass migration and allow our neighbors to lead safe and productive lives in their home countries.

We understand the limited role that states play on immigration policy, and therefore embrace cooperation with federal agencies on the matter. The North Carolina Forward Party will be cooperative with DHS and other immigration agencies. We will empower local law enforcement agencies to make immigration enforcement decisions that best align with the interest of their communities insofar as those decisions are consistent with the INA and advance the bona fide interest of their communities both in matters concerning legality and social well-being.