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My Forward Journey: Lorne Davis




By Lorne Davis

I have always been registered as "non-affiliated" in NC and felt the two-party system in this country wasn't working for our citizens, particularly in a democracy. I value moderation – call me a centrist. I joined No Labels 10 years ago, a more moderate movement focused on bipartisan cooperation to get things done. Until they announced that they might sponsor a 2024 'unity ticket' for president, they had not run candidates for election – i.e., not a political party.

My search for a third way, a more moderate and centrist approach, picked up urgency in the last few years. Both the traditional parties had moved more to their flanks (or some might say "extremes"). The Republican party has essentially become the "Trump party," where what used to be extreme is now being normalized and accepted by the party. And on the Dem side, President Biden, who spent most of his political career just left of center, was tugged left by the progressive wing of the party – and the party has followed suit. It is no coincidence that the proportion of the electorate registered as Democrats is near historical lows - barely double digits of our citizens view themselves as progressives.

The North Carolina Forward Party's principles of weeding out the extremes, finding common ground, and looking for compromise when agreement isn't obvious were very attractive to me – a more moderate approach with grace and tolerance! If we can be successful over time in filling the political gap (or gaping hole!) that has been created by the way our two-party system has evolved, we will be providing a great and historical service. And I will surely have found my political home!



Lorne Davis serves on the North Carolina Forward Party Executive Committee and as Treasurer. Click HERE to read his bio.


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