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My Forward Journey: MJ Hall


By MJ Hall

When my best friend from undergrad asked me to help build a new political party, I was at a loss. My education in biology hadn't prepared me for political activism. I understood how to clone cells, extract genes, and trace the pathway of blood through the heart, but I was clueless about engaging with lawyers, judges, legislators, senators, and the chair of my own national party. My only certainty was a growing fear as I watched the country's temperature rise, igniting small fires in the lives of those around me.

Fortunately, the leaders I approached were receptive and eager to engage. Many shared my fears, though they masked them better, articulating their concerns eloquently in suits rather than cargo pants and a bandana. I soon realized that beneath the party lines lay a network of individuals united in their struggle. It became clear that the nature of our fight had evolved in recent years. The prevailing sentiment was that we needed a fresh approach because the status quo ensured no one truly won. Politics was tearing families apart, leaving people like me feeling stagnant as social issues took precedence. My generation faces the grim prospect of unaffordable housing and a daunting $34 trillion national debt. We are presented with inadequate choices in leaders, many of whom are generations removed from us. The candidates that once inspired our predecessors now fail to represent our interests. The age-old strategy of choosing the lesser of two evils seldom serves the greater good. Despite advancements in rights, technology, and societal norms, the shadows of conservatism, traditional values, and the looming threat of fascism blur the lines between right and left.

Observing our politicians, I noticed a prevalent sense of exhaustion and fear. The two-party system has left many feeling defeated, aware of the need for change but encumbered by centuries of precedent. Some seek to rectify past mistakes, while others are uncertain of the path forward. A glaring absence of youth in this struggle suggests a shift in priorities with age—from fighting for what's right to seeking a peaceful end. However, I am committed to advocating for my rights and for peace. History shows that the youth inherit the mantle of revolution, and I am both ready and grateful for this responsibility. I stand prepared to champion the cause of the average citizen and those in power, armed with my cargo pants and bandana, addressing the minor crises until we achieve a collective cool-down. My commitment to my community and to diminishing the threat of fascism remains steadfast. I will continue to fight until the fog of deception clears, paving the way for us to advance together. This is why I am a Forwardist.



MJ is a founding member and Chair Emeritus of the North Carolina Forward Party. She currently serves on the Executive Committee. Click HERE to read her bio.



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