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Pluralism & Tolerance


There are pockets of divisions in America around race, religion, and sexuality in this country.  While the existing parties offer a binary choice, Forward sees the world differently.  We recognize historical policies have led to inequality in this country. We can balance legal protections and a public square commitment to tolerance without a wholesale redefinition of our culture.

The North Carolina Forward Party believes in creating American unity by a commitment to tolerance and pluralism. Accordingly, the North Carolina Forward Party believes wholeheartedly in the idea of out of many, one (e pluribus unum).

The North Carolina Forward Party welcomes ideas that emerge from cultural communities such as those ideas that originate from Latin America cultures, Europe, Africa, and Middle East cultures, Asia and the Pacific Lands cultures, religious and spiritual communities, and BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities. However, ideas need to be advanced with viewpoint diversity, inclusion, and tolerance in mind.

Because the North Carolina Forward Party advocates for knowledge, reason, and the pursuit of truth in our political discourse to support common-sense solutions, we believe everyone should have an opportunity to have a voice in the debate and bring their perspective to the marketplace of ideas. No one has a monopoly on knowledge, reason, truth, and good ideas, and therefore members of the North Carolina Forward Party are expected to approach differences of opinion with an open-mind, good faith, and with respect.

 Iraqi philosopher and Muslim theologian al-Kindi tells us, “no one is demeaned by the truth, rather all are ennobled by it.” And for everyone to be ennobled by truth, individuals must first be allowed to pursue and speak it, even at the risk of being mistaken.