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The Monster We Allow to Rampage

Uniting against extremism for true peace and reform



By Jack Reneo

A silver lining is forming in the horrific tragedy we see unfolding today in Gaza.  While some still dismiss it as a never ending cycle of violence, citizens from every community are coming together to demand an end to this chaos.  In doing so,  a unique opportunity is presenting itself. One that can drive lasting change in the Middle East and far beyond. 

To move past the crisis, we must first identify the root cause of the problem.  Perhaps it is NOT Hamas, the Palestininans or the Jews!  Lest we forget that prior to the UN’s Proposal of 1947 (establishing the jewish state of Israel), Arabs and jews lived side by side in peace for centuries. What is really behind the chaos?  What is standing in the way of peace?  The answer is simple - extremism!  

In the Middle East, unchecked extremism by Arabs manufactured radical groups like Al Qaeda and Hamas, created brutal suppression of all people governed by them, and leads to assassinations of moderate leaders like Anwar Sadat of Egypt.  Extremism by the jewish far right is equally destructive, leading to the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, illegal settlements of land and even the rollback of some of the basic building blocks of democracy itself. Until mainstream citizens on both sides rise up to reject extremism, the suffering will not end.  

The mass protests we see on college campuses and in cities across the U.S. must be the wake up call we heed!  People everywhere, especially among youth, are losing faith in our leaders and in our governments.  We are heading into a presidential election where the only candidates on the ballot are individuals who are deeply unpopular and arguably perceived as unfit byproducts of a dysfunctional political system. 

Who is to blame?  The answer to this question is also simple - we all are. Rather than holding our leaders accountable for addressing our problems, we allow extremism to rampage unchecked.   Each side sees their own extremism as a legitimate response to the wrongs being perpetrated against them by the other.  In the end, we blame the failure to resolve the problems on everything else but the true cause - extremism and our collective failure to reject it.  

Perhaps the silver lining emerging is the exhaustion from the dysfunction we have created.  In an era threatened by problems such as catastrophic climate change, weaponry of mass destruction, and societies with suicidal doctrines, the continuation down this path can only lead to the destruction of life and wealth on an unimaginable scale.  It must not be an option. Extremism therefore, must become the common enemy of humanity everywhere!

If we are to live up to our reputation as the leader of the free world, we must deliver a solution or antidote to this threat.  We must challenge the status quo of partisan politics and escape the entrapment of a dysfunctional two party system.   Answering this call, is the Forward Party.  It seeks to rise up as a party committed to serve the silent majority,  heal our democracy and reject the forces of extremism.  American ingenuity, once again, may be our salvation!

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