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Thriving Communities

The Forward Party focuses on creating a fair and flourishing economy and an open society where everyone can live a good life and feel safe in their learning, working, and living environments.

To achieve this, the party believes that it is necessary to invest in the creation of good jobs with fair wages, benefits, and working conditions. This includes promoting job growth, innovation, and entrepreneurship, while also addressing issues such as income inequality and the gig economy.

In addition, we aim to create an open society that encourages diversity and inclusion, as well as protects the rights and safety of all individuals. This includes policies that promote affordable housing, access to healthcare, and quality education for all.

We also recognize the importance of creating safe communities where individuals can learn, work, and live without fear of violence or discrimination. The Forward Party believes that by prioritizing the safety and well-being of all individuals, communities can thrive and individuals can reach their full potential.

Overall, the Thriving Communities priority of the Forward Party seeks to create an equitable society where everyone has the opportunity to succeed and live a fulfilling life.