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What is The Forward Party?

The Forward Party is a newly-formed political party that seeks to move beyond a broken two-party system. We bring together a diverse group of people who share the common goal of healing the great divide in American politics. We are a growing movement of people looking for a new way forward. By bringing together people from different backgrounds and ideologies, we aim to create a more inclusive and collaborative political system. With a focus on empathy, rationality, innovation, diversity, and collaboration, the Forward Party is working towards a new era in which American politics are responsive to the needs of all Americans.

The Forward Party's core principles include:

  • Empathy - The party believes in putting people first, and we aim to promote policies that are based on empathy and compassion.

  • Rationality - The party aims to promote evidence-based policies and decisions that are grounded in reason and logic.

  • Innovation - The party is committed to promoting innovation in government and society, with a focus on technology and entrepreneurship.

  • Diversity - The party is committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity in all aspects of society, including politics.

  • Collaboration - The party believes in working collaboratively with people of all political persuasions to achieve common goals.

The Forward Party is forward thinking and focused more on problem solving than ideology. We appeal to people who are dissatisfied with the existing system; people who want a new approach to politics that can address the challenges facing the country.

The party's platform starts with election reform measures like ranked-choice voting, term limits, open non-partisan primaries, and independent redistricting commissions to eliminate gerrymandering. We also want to address the negative effects of social media and other digital platforms on society by promoting policies that protect privacy and regulate online content.

The formation of the Forward Party represents a new chapter in American politics, bringing together a diverse group of people who share a common goal of fixing the broken political system.