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2024 Battleground Map


Forward Party Announces 2024 Battleground Map

12 states with strategic significance to receive national party focus

We are excited to announce that North Carolina was selected as one of the 12 states in Forward Party's 2024 Battleground Map

We were selected because of the great progress being made by our volunteers to establish the foundation for our state party and the significant opportunity that is within our reach to make a meaningful, positive impact on our state and the country at large. This strategic focus also means a realignment at our National Organization ("HQ") toward better supporting our efforts to get ballot access, develop candidates and win elections, and fundraise.  

We believe that a better future for all North Carolinians starts with fair representation in our democracy. That's why we will fight to ensure that every citizen's vote is counted and that our elected representatives represent the will of the people, not just their own interests. The North Carolina Forward Party is focused on common sense and common ground solutions regardless of what side of the political spectrum they may come from. With your help, we can make this a reality.

We look forward to working together toward a brighter future for all Americans!

State Leadership,
North Carolina Forward Party