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About The North Carolina Forward Party

The North Carolina Forward Party was formed in response to the breakdown of good faith governance and decision making in American politics. We believe the two-party system is preoccupied with fundraising and staying in office. It has resulted in gridlock and little or no progress in addressing our most pressing issues.

A primary motivation behind the formation of the North Carolina Forward Party is to advocate for electoral reform that would allow for more representative and responsive government. We want to restore rational debate and consensus-building to the political process. We believe that representatives should be able to work together in good faith to find common-sense solutions to the problems facing their constituents.

Our positions and platform will focus on facts and evidence, rather than ideology or partisan loyalty. This includes supporting measures to improve public education, expand access to healthcare, protect the environment, and promote economic growth.

We are committed to increasing transparency and accountability in government, and reducing the undue influence of special interests and big money on the political process. We believe elected officials should be accountable to the people they serve, not wealthy donors or powerful interest groups.

The North Carolina Forward Party is dedicated to creating a vibrant, healthy democracy made up of free people in thriving communities who expect good governance to be part of the political process. By promoting rational debate and common-sense solutions, our members and candidates will help break the gridlock that has characterized American politics in recent years.

We want a more responsive and effective government for the people of North Carolina and the country.