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Andrew Yang Visits North Carolina

For Immediate Release

City officials gathered to hear national political figure, Andrew Yang, talk about municipal politics and how they have never been more partisan.

RALEIGH, NC – Andrew Yang, the founder of the Forward Party and a prominent figure in American politics, and Lindsey Drath, CEO of the Forward Party, made a significant visit to North Carolina this week. This visit underscores their commitment to promoting a new political vision for America, one that transcends traditional party lines and focuses on forward-thinking solutions to the nation’s most pressing issues around election reform.

Yang discussed the approach to achieving these goals by building a grassroots movement from the municipal level up, which embraces political reforms such as ranked-choice voting, open primaries, and non-gerrymandered districts, with the aim of making democracy more responsive. Yang, a former Democrat, was offering the Forward Party, which he founded with Christine Todd Whitman, a former Republican, as a means of returning democracy to the people.

The Chair of the North Carolina Forward Party, Myia “MJ” Hall, spoke at the event, expressing agency to get moderate candidates elected and end extreme political polarization. “Both parties pressure you to support their litmus test issues, and if you don’t comply, it can get ugly.” She continued, “We are witnessing this phenomenon in the primary process, exemplified by the case of Rep. Cecil Brockman, a Democrat from District 60. Here, the party apparatus is moving to primary him for prioritizing his district over the party.”

Candidates for city council from Wake County expressed that the Forward Party sounded like a refreshing approach. They believe it would enable candidates to embrace values of tolerance and collaboration while staking out common-sense positions of their own. “I want to thank Patrick Newton and the Forward Party of NC for bringing Andrew Yang,” said Council Member At Large Steve Rao, Town of Morrisville. He continued, “I do think that at the City and County Level, government works best when we govern from the center, bringing ideas from all political parties to offer the best services to the residents we represent, and setting a positive example for our children on that a Government of the People, By the People, and For the People, really does work.”

During his visit, Yang met with members of the North Carolina Forward Party and political and community leaders across the state. These meetings were centered around a variety of topics crucial to both the state and the nation, including the importance of moderates, election reform, and the importance of fostering a political environment that encourages innovation and bipartisan cooperation. “I enjoyed meeting Andrew Yang and Lindsey Drath, CEO of the Forward Party, yesterday and learning more about their vision for creating a new home for independent voters,” retired North Carolina Supreme Court justice Bob Orr said. He continued, “The Forward Party’s North Carolina team impressed me with their enthusiasm and commitment to meeting the challenge of organizing a viable new political party here in our state and across the country.”

Feedback from North Carolina Forward Party members and political leaders has been overwhelmingly positive. Many expressed their appreciation for Yang's hands-on approach and his willingness to listen to and address the concerns of the local community. “It was my sincere pleasure to meet Andrew Yang and the great people of the FWD Party,” said Raleigh City Council At-Large Candidate James Bledsoe. “I firmly believe I can bring Raleigh FWD for Independents and Moderates to be heard.”

Yang’s message of unity and progress resonated deeply with everyone in attendance. North Carolinians are eager for a new direction in American politics, and Yang’s visit served as the catalyst for an engaging and productive discussion about the critical role of a grassroots movement in enacting real change. “I have been to North Carolina before while on the campaign trail, but seeing individuals with different political perspectives put aside their differences and come together as a unified force to fix politics made me realize why it is called the Great North State,” Yang told the attendees.