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Barbara Gaskins joins the North Carolina Forward Party

Barbara Gaskins: A Forward Aligned Candidate, Leading the Path to a United Greenville



October 1, 2023

GREENVILLE, N.C. – The North Carolina Forward Party is thrilled to introduce Barbara Gaskins as a Forward Aligned Candidate in her inspiring campaign to become the next Mayor of Greenville. With a resolute commitment to community unity and a vision for meaningful reform, Barbara represents a new hope for the vibrant and diverse city of Greenville.

Barbara presents an exciting opportunity to bring about positive changes that will benefit all citizens of Greenville. “Her dedication to the task at hand, combined with a deep understanding of the city’s history, culture, and challenges, makes her a formidable candidate ready to roll up her sleeves for the betterment of the community,” said M.J. Hall, Chair of North Carolina Forward Party.

Addressing the citizens of Greenville, Barbara stated, “Our community stands at a pivotal juncture. On one path lies the familiar landscape of broken assurances, preferential treatment for the affluent, and the unfortunate neglect of those who are most vulnerable within our society.” In a powerful declaration of her commitment to positive change, she continued, “The alternative route leads to unity across our community—a path where every individual is embraced and remembered. This is the route that allows us to create a tangible impact together.”

Barbara envisions a Greenville where the community unites to address the challenges it faces. Her approach recognizes that no single entity, whether it’s the government, for-profit businesses, or non-profit organizations, can single-handedly solve the complex social issues that Greenville confronts. Her vision emphasizes collective efforts that work harmoniously for the greater welfare of the community.

The North Carolina Forward Party proudly supports Barbara Gaskins as she takes this courageous step towards a united and brighter Greenville. Her vision, dedication, and determination reflect the core values of the Forward Party, making her a perfect candidate to lead the city towards a future that benefits all its residents.