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Common Questions About The Forward Party

We know you have lots of questions about The Forward Party; its identity, core mission, objectives, and intention to shake up the political landscape. We welcome and encourage those questions.

A number of misconceptions are being shared online, and we are eager to address them. We encourage you to challenge our ideas and ask for clarification. We want to create a space where collaboration and collective reasoning are honored. We intend to avoid forcing top-down, prescriptive policy positions on party members or candidates.

Please explore this FAQ section for answers to common questions we get from people like you.

The Forward Party, or FWD, is committed to providing Americans with greater choice in both our electoral and economic systems. Our primary objective is to tackle the economic and social issues confronting Americans, including job displacement due to automation, economic inequality, and political polarization.

At the heart of our platform is the belief that people and their well-being should be central to economic policy. We strive to achieve this by rejecting political extremism, promoting compromise, and advocating for an open primary system that includes all voters.

Our aim is to break the gridlock of the two-party system and bring together individuals from across the political spectrum to create real change. With a focus on human-centered capitalism and policies that support diversity, inclusion, and tolerance, the Forward Party is committed to building a more just and equitable society for all Americans.

Yes, but our platform is not like other platforms, which are typically prescriptive and performative. They are often created by party insiders and extreme activists who push their respective parties to the extremes.

Our platform reflects a range of positions based on the voices of all our members who wished to be part of the process. We will publish details about the thoughtful and data-driven process we use when determining the topics and positions we support. Candidates who align with our principles (and our process) will have the opportunity to offer solutions to the issues that are important to local and statewide voters. They will ultimately decide.

The Forward Party differentiates itself from other political parties in several ways. First and foremost, the party is focused on addressing the economic and social challenges facing Americans by emphasizing the importance of people and their well-being in economic policy.

The FWD party also seeks to break the gridlock of the two-party system by promoting compromise and an open primary system that includes all voters. This allows individuals from across the political spectrum to come together and work towards common goals.

Another way in which the Forward Party is different from other political parties is its emphasis on data and evidence-based policymaking. The FWD party aims to use data and evidence to inform its policy positions and to work towards solutions that are grounded in reality and supported by research

We welcome members from all parts of the political spectrum that are willing to come to a reasonable, practical solution that works for everyday citizen. That usually means somewhere in the middle.

We lean toward solutions, regardless of where the ideas come from. We’re everyday North Carolinians who care about our communities, our state, and our country. We are all about breaking the gridlock in government so that solutions can move forward.

Indeed, it does. We anticipate not only having Centrists and Moderates on our ticket, but also Centrists who lean left, and those that lean right, each competing for majority support.

Policies are started from the ground up, not from on high from a national dictate from the party. We allow our candidates to choose the specific issues they wish to run on if and only if said policy positions fall within a tolerable range of solution-based policies that actually seeks to address issues.

Our goal is to give people their voice back by challenging the extreme views on both the left and right. Right now, delegates and activists influenced by extreme partisan views select the individuals to run for office. That results in the everyday citizen being left with a choice between two extremes or DC yes-men. We want to represent the people’s interest, not a party with an ideological agenda.

Moderate is generally somewhere in the middle of a range of possibilities. Mainstream is geo- specific to an area. For example, a mainstream position in an ultra-conservative town may be very different than a mainstream position elsewhere, and different still to the overall moderate position based on the range of possibility.

Moderate implies somewhat of a middle position in a range of possibilities, neither far right nor far left. If FWD is to be built on common ground, we must show how that was determined.

Our platform is a data driven compilation of voter feedback obtained from reputable sources such as the Pew Research Center, Gallup polls, Associated Press (AP) polls, and regular surveys from the membership of North Carolina Forward Party. Additionally, we actively seek input from our membership with the intent of identifying and rejecting extreme positions.

Is a democracy more vibrant when it allows more parties on a ballot or less parties? If more parties, sign our petition and help FWD take our ideas to the halls of government whereby we can represent the will of the people—and this means all North Carolinians.