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J.J. Campbell joins the North Carolina Forward Party

North Carolina Forward Party Announces J.J. Campbell as Forward Aligned Candidate for Durham City Council At-Large



October 1, 2023

DURHAM, N.C. – The North Carolina Forward Party is thrilled to announce that J.J. Campbell has officially become a Forward Aligned Candidate in his bid for the Durham City Council At-Large seat.

J.J. is a man of diverse talents and experiences, having dedicated his life to making a meaningful impact on the world. He is a retired geophysicist, former dolphin trainer, and dedicated advocate for positive change in his community. His journey, which includes starting two non-profits, building power-generating playgrounds in Ghana, instructing on a tall ship built in 1877, and currently serving as an at-home dad while supporting his wife during her residency at Duke University, is a testament to his dedication to the well-being of others.

One core value that defines J.J. and the North Carolina Forward Party is their unwavering belief in the principle that “people are more important.” This mantra serves as the perfect slogan for the way to run a city, with the belief that all policies and laws should be guided by the fundamental commitment to the well-being of the people they serve.

J.J.’s passion for positive change and commitment to serving the community align perfectly with the North Carolina Forward Party’s vision for a more inclusive, people-focused future for Durham. “As a Forward Aligned Candidate, J.J. brings fresh and innovative ideas to the forefront of his campaign, which will ultimately serve the people of Durham,” said Pat Newton, Vice Chair & Communications Director of the North Carolina Forward Party.

Among his top priorities is the implementation of Ranked Choice Voting or a similar electoral reform in Durham. He believes that this approach will empower the people of Durham, providing them with a better and more representative say in how their city is run. J.J.’s dedication to the principles of transparency, accountability, and community engagement is evident in his commitment to improving the democratic process for the benefit of all citizens.

The North Carolina Forward Party proudly supports J.J. Campbell’s campaign and looks forward to working alongside him to create a city that truly reflects the will of its people.

To learn more about J.J. and his campaign visit: