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NC Forward Party Condemns Antisemitism

North Carolina Forward Party Condemns Antisemitism, Urges the Democratic Party to Change Course



November 20, 2023

RALEIGH, N.C. — The North Carolina Forward Party strongly urges the North Carolina Democratic Party to reconsider the vote against recognizing the Jewish Caucus. This action is inconsistent with their current philosophy surrounding identity-based caucus structures and their pledge to “involve as many people as possible in Democratic Party affairs and in party decision-making,” as stated in their platform.

“If your party is truly committed to diversity and inclusion, communities wouldn’t feel the need to form an official caucus to ensure that the party hears their unique voices,” said M.J. Hall, North Carolina Forward Party Chair. “However, this is the path they have chosen for themselves and should be consistent by recognizing the Jewish Caucus.”   

Top elected Democrats, including Attorney General Josh Stein and Charlotte Rep. Jeff Jackson, express concern over a decision they believe sends the wrong message at a critical time. Stein, a gubernatorial candidate, emphasizes the need to embrace North Carolina Jewish Democrats facing rising antisemitism, working with party Chair Anderson Clayton for an inclusive path forward. Jackson, running for attorney general, unequivocally opposes the vote according to an interview with Jewish Insider. He joins the call for reconsideration to maintain the Democratic Party as a welcoming space for all.

However, despite the push from top elected Democrats for a change in course, the president of the party’s Progressive Caucus, Ryan Jenkins, expressed reprehensible opposition to recognizing the Jewish Caucus. Jenkins criticized the caucus, stating, “They have done nothing but whine and play the victim and attack people, and we are sick of it.” He went on to express concern that recognizing the caucus would be “the end of the Democratic Party.”

The Democratic Party nationwide is currently grappling with divisions over the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Recent events, including the censure of Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib for her use of controversial rhetoric, highlight the challenges of navigating sensitive issues within the party.

“As someone with Jewish heritage, I am deeply concerned with the direction the Democratic Party is heading, as members and supporters are adopting a false binary sentiment and choosing antisemitic rhetoric,” said Joshua Peters, North Carolina Forward Party Executive Committee member. “The situation in Israel is complicated, and the emotions we feel for all those impacted are real and understandable. However, those in leadership positions must maintain a stoic disposition and set an example of civility and tolerance for different well-meaning perspectives.”

The North Carolina Forward Party encourages open dialogue and constructive engagement to address these challenges. We remain committed to working towards a future where all Democrats, regardless of background or affiliation, can feel heard and valued within our political landscape.

Antisemitism, like any form of discrimination, has no place within our political discourse. As a party committed to progress and unity, we strongly condemn antisemitism and urge our Democrat friends to reconsider its decision.