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On the Veto Override of SB20

The North Carolina Forward Party's response to the veto override of Senate Bill 20

The North Carolina General Assembly overrides the Governor's veto of SB20 abortion restrictions



May 16, 2023

RALEIGH, N.C. — The North Carolina Forward Party acknowledges the concern, anxiety, and uncertainty that may emerge because of the recent veto override of Senate Bill 20. We understand the development highlights the complexity surrounding reproductive rights and the diverse opinions held by many individuals within our state.

While we understand that there are varying perspectives on the issue of abortion, we firmly believe in upholding the principles of individual autonomy, comprehensive healthcare, and ensuring equitable access to reproductive services. We acknowledge that some degree of abortion restrictions may find support among North Carolina voters on the basis of religious belief; however, it is crucial to approach this matter with nuance and balance.

The North Carolina Forward Party advocates for policies that strike a balance between protecting reproductive rights and addressing the concerns of those who favor certain restrictions. We believe in fostering an inclusive and respectful dialogue that encompasses the values and beliefs of all North Carolinians.

We recognize that reproductive decisions are deeply personal and complex, and they should be made in consultation with medical professionals and in accordance with an individual’s own facts and circumstances. It is essential that any legislation regarding abortion be based on comprehensive information, scientific evidence, and expert medical advice to ensure proper actions are being taken.

Furthermore, we are committed to addressing the socioeconomic factors that can influence the choices individuals make regarding reproductive healthcare. We believe in supporting initiatives that provide education, contraception, and access to quality prenatal care, which can ultimately contribute to reducing the number of unintended pregnancies.

The North Carolina Forward Party encourages our elected representatives to engage in open, constructive discussions that prioritize the health, safety, and rights of all North Carolinians. We understand that finding common ground on such a sensitive issue may be challenging, but we firmly believe that respectful dialogue and evidence-based decision-making can lead us towards solutions that respect both individual autonomy and public concerns.

We stand ready to work with advocacy organizations, healthcare providers, and individuals across the political spectrum to ensure that the policies we enact reflect the values of our diverse state and protect the well-being of all its citizens.