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Progress in Pennsylvania: Forward Party Gains Momentum

Exciting news from our friends in the Keystone State

Four Pennsylvania state legislators announced their affiliation with the Forward Party. State Senators Lisa Boscola and Anthony H. Williams along with Representatives Valerie S. Gaydos and Marla Brown are longtime public servants committed to practical solutions over partisan politics. The Forward Party continues to gain ground across America. Recently, four Forward Democrats in Arizona and a mayor and election candidate in Florida joined the movement. Momentum is building. Pennsylvania shows us what’s possible.

If Forward-aligned candidates can get elected there, North Carolina candidates are perfectly poised to follow suit. Our state has one of the largest populations of independent voters in the country, voters looking for a non-partisan approach to politics. By supporting Forward-affiliated, solution-oriented candidates here, we can tap into that momentum. The more people stand up and say “no” to divisive politics, the more we shift the system.  Change won’t come overnight. But each candidate, each officeholder, each voice matters in creating a future focused on shared values instead of extremes.

Where we find common ground, progress blooms. The Forward Party offers a hopeful vision: vibrant democracy, thriving communities, and empowered, independent citizens. 

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