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Support RCV in Raleigh with Libertarians and Better Ballot NC!

Pencil in your calendar for dinner at the Tobacco Road Sports Cafe on August 23rd. The Forward Party will be joining hosts, Wake County Libertarian Party and Better Ballot NC, in advocating for Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) for North Carolina. We will listen to a round of speakers and have an opportunity to advocate for the Forward party and Ranked Choice Voting. Come join us as we gather signatures and listen to advocates here in North Carolina. You can sign up for the event through facebook or our website here. Learn more about the Libertarian Party and Better Ballot NC below!

About the Libertarian Party

Like Forward, the Libertarian party of North Carolina sees that electoral reforms are critical to our democratic process. I spoke with two members of the Wake county Libertarian party for more about who they are, the libertarian party, and why they support ranked choice voting!

Travis Groo

Travis Groo is the sitting chair for the Wake County Libertarian Party. Travis began following and later advocating libertarian politics after listening to Ron Paul in Presidential debates. A devoted father and a proud veteran, Mr. Groo is running for the Holly Springs Town Council this year.

On who the libertarian party is and why he joined…

“[The libertarian party is about] delivering our ideas through kindness and empathy. We want opinions because we are self-governed individuals. Defending the rights of others, no matter their beliefs so long as their self-identity does not negatively impact others.”

Brad Hessel

Brad Hessel is a member of the Wake County Libertarian Party and serves as treasurer of the statewide party. He is an experienced activist with a resume dating back to George McGovern. In that time, he has drifted from the democratic party to the republican party to indifference. Driven away because of poor policy and even worse politicking, Brad also found his way to the libertarian party via Ron Paul’s presidential campaign. Since then, Mr. Hessel has worked on Gary Johnson’s campaign and supported the state libertarian party.

Who is the Libertarian Party?

Travis: “The Libertarian Party stands for individual responsibility and freedom. Do unto others what you had do to you”


What is ranked choice voting and why does the Libertarian Party Support it?

Brad: “Ranked choice voting, or RCV, in a competitive district provides incentives to reach out to the other side. This would be healthy for the country and specifically in NC. It has already been tried twice in the past. Cary attempted to use RCV in an election, but failed because of technical issues. Meanwhile, Hendersonville used it successfully for three election cycles before an expiration terminated the experiment.”

What are obstacles faced with implementing ranked choice voting in NC?

Travis: “There are issues with the state board of election. [They can be] artificial gatekeepers to the process. Remove them from the process and the election process goes better.”

Brad: “The general assembly doesn’t like RCV because it may hurt their hold on the state.”

Anything else to add?

Brad: “Focus the campaign for RCV on county or city elections. The state generally doesn’t interfere because it isn’t a threat to them.”


The libertarian party, Better ballot NC, and members of the Forward party will be advocating Ranked Choice Voting later this month at the Tobacco Road Sports Café in downtown Raleigh. If you can help, we will be collecting signatures at the event. Come join them to show your support for ranked choice voting! 

About Better ballot NC

Better Ballot North Carolina is a non-partisan non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with a dedication to educating the public about Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) in North Carolina. The mission of the organization is to empower North Carolinians by providing them with knowledge of electoral reforms, fostering fairer elections, encouraging increased candidate and voter participation, ensuring office holders receive a true majority of voter support, and better representing the will of the state's voters.


The organization, founded in July 2020, believes in the simplicity and positivity of Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) as an election reform that amplifies the voice of voters.


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