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Finding Common Ground: Trustworthy Elections

We at the North Carolina Forward Party joined the cause for many reasons, but one of the most critical is the attack on our institutions. Our friends over at Braver Angels are hosting an event they call “Common Ground”. Participants who lean left and right will be paired up for a conversation, a debate, and a chance to find middle ground. For those of you living in the Charlotte area, we encourage you to sign up for the event here!

Here’s more from Braver Angels themselves


A sure sign of a failing democratic republic is when people no longer trust election results."


The TECG Workshop planned for Charlotte will be one of many others held across the nation as part of the Braver Angels Trustworthy Elections Campaign. We wish to bring together conservatives concerned with voter fraud and election security and progressives concerned with voter suppression and the peaceful transfer of power to work on common-ground ideas for establishing trustworthy elections together. The goal is to produce a jointly-authored (half red/half blue) list of common-ground ideas for ensuring bipartisan trust in U.S. elections.

And if you do sign up, let us know here!

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