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Vibrant Democracy

The Forward Party hopes to reform the republic to provide Americans with more choices in elections, more confidence in a functioning government, and more say in shaping their future.

To achieve this, we want to address issues such as voter suppression and gerrymandering, which limit the choices available to voters and prevent fair representation. The Forward Party supports policies that ensure fair and transparent elections, including the use of ranked-choice voting and automatic voter registration.

In addition, the party seeks to improve the functioning of government by promoting transparency, accountability, and public participation in the decision-making process. This includes measures such as stronger ethics rules, greater government transparency, and more opportunities for public comment on proposed policies.

The Forward Party also works to empower individuals to shape their own futures by promoting policies that support education, job training, and entrepreneurship. We recognize that when we provide people with the tools they need to succeed, they can take an active role in shaping their communities and the broader society.

Overall, we seek to create a more inclusive society, where everyone has a voice in shaping their future and the future of the community.