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The North Carolina Forward Party played a crucial role in shaping the narrative around Rep. Brockman's primary candidacy

RALEIGH, NC – In a notable primary race that has caught the attention of political observers across North Carolina, the North Carolina Forward Party (NCFP) has thrown its support behind incumbent Democrat Representative Cecil Brockman, hailing his recent victory as a testament to the resilience of constituent-focused leadership over party-driven ideological purity. This comes in light of several public statements and positions taken by the NCFP, highlighting concerns over the prevailing political discourse driven by the Young Democrats of North Carolina (YDNC) and other ideologically focused advocates.

The NCFP has been vocal in its critique of the YDNC's actions, which sought to undermine the independence and prioritization of constituents by Rep. Brockman and other Democratic representatives. On September 22, 2023, we criticized the YDNC for their "poor form and a lack of respect" towards these representatives, emphasizing the need for the North Carolina Democratic Party (NCDP) to condemn such prejudicial rhetoric.

Further, we underscored the importance of diversity in viewpoints and advocacy for representatives who best serve the interests of their constituents, rather than adhering to strict ideological lines. This was highlighted in a statement on November 1, 2023, where we called on young activists to promote diversity in perspectives over ideological purity.

Our commitment to objectivity and honest assessment was evident in our response to claims of "better" representation as being the basis for YDNC to advocate against Rep. Brockman. By analyzing the voting records of Rep. Brockman, we demonstrated that he consistently prioritizes the interests of his constituents over partisan considerations, challenging the narrative promoted by some factions within the NCDP.

Myia “MJ” Hall, Chair Emeritus of the NCFP, has been a leading voice in advocating for moderation in politics and the election of candidates who resist extreme polarization. Speaking on the challenges faced by Rep. Brockman, she highlighted the undue pressure from both parties to conform to "litmus test issues," which Rep. Brockman courageously navigated by placing his district's needs above party directives.

NCFP is also expanding its grassroots movement in Guilford County. “Growing our young voter advocacy at the University of North Carolina Greensboro is key to the success of our movement,” said Jack Reneo, NCFP Executive Committee member and grassroots initiative leader. He continued, “Although we don't yet have ballot access, this will not deter us from working to positively impact our political landscape.”

Rep. Brockman's slim victory margin of 83 votes against challenger James Adams in the primary is not merely a reflection of his personal resolve or the efficacy of campaign funding. It is, notably, a testament to the catalytic role played by the North Carolina Forward Party in mobilizing grassroot support and drawing attention to the essential principle of prioritizing constituent needs over divisive party politics.

Rep. Brockman’s primary victory emerges in a context enriched by the NCFP's sustained critique of the prevailing tendencies towards ideological purity, as evidenced by our pointed responses to actions and statements seeking to undermined constituent-focus governance in favor of ideological purity.

The NCFP's advocacy for Rep. Brockman, highlighted through a series of public statements and analyses of voting records, effectively underscored the shared values between Rep. Brockman's approach to governance and the Forward Party's vision for a more inclusive, constituent-focused political discourse. The NCFP efforts to illuminate the discrepancies between the rhetoric of ideological purity and the practical realities of legislative representation played a crucial role in shaping the narrative around Rep. Brockman's primary candidacy.

This win not only celebrates Rep. Brockman's continuation into the general but also heralds the North Carolina Forward Party's emerging role as a formidable advocate for a new brand of politics in the state—one that champions the voice of the people over partisan orthodoxy.

In the evolving political landscape of North Carolina, the NCFP's commitment to supporting leaders like Rep. Brockman, who embody a steadfast dedication to their constituents above all, remains unwavering. This achievement serves as a beacon for all North Carolinians who seek a political environment defined by integrity, independence, and a genuine commitment to serving the public interest. The North Carolina Forward Party, through its advocacy and support, has undeniably contributed to shaping a victory that not only belongs to Rep. Brockman but to all who value a politics that prioritizes the people it is meant to serve.